Very simple operation if you have a rotary vice!

I like to tie the wire in on the far side of the hook shank drawing the wire back to parallel to the upright ‘mast’ then wrapping the thread and wire back to the bend in the hook. Leave the wire hanging and wrap your thread forward in touching turns. You should have a nice tapered base for your wire. I prefer tying off the thread at this point but you can also use a bobbin holder/rest to keep your thread out of the way.

Wrap the wire forward in touching turns until the ‘mast’. Tie in your thread again or release from the bobbin holder/rest. Bring the wire under the mast and take 2 or 3 turns just in front of the mast. Ensure the wire stays on the side of the shank. The object is to avoid too much material on top of the hook between the mast and the hook eye. Excess material forces the back higher which is undesirable. You want to end up with the steel back as close to the shank as possible. Cut the wire so it finishes just behind the eye and cover with thread.