Ruby SBN062

Red is an important colour when it comes to trout fishing. It’s often used as a tag or hotspot but entirely red flies are relatively uncommon outside of midge and worm imitations.

The “ruby” has a real trout catching feel to it!

Incorporating a red edge bright body, seals fur dubbing thorax and a ruby coloured steel back I think this fly will be a serious trout catching nymph. I’m a big fan of natural seal’s fur dubbing although how it is obtained remains controversial. I’m not convinced it’s translucency can truly be imitated by synthetic material but that really is a matter of opinion!

The edge bright adds to the appeal of the “ruby” with it’s fluorescent glow along the wrapped edge. I tie in the edge bright using mono thread to enhance the brightness. Using standard thread under this material dulls down the glow. Ideally, a silver tinsel wrapping under the edge bright would be even better but there is only so much material you can realistically add to the hook before overdressing the fly.