Rubberised legs are not easy to work with – they have a mind of their own! I’ve developed an easier way (I think!) of tying in 5 or 6 rubber strands at the same time.

The first step is to add your dubbing to form the thorax. At the mid point between the ‘mast’ and hook eye tie in 5 or 6 strands of leg material with a single wrap while holding all the fibres on one side of the shank. Keep holding the fibres and bring your thread around in front of them with VERY LITTLE tension keeping as close to their base as possible.

This is tricky! Too much thread tension will make the thread ‘jump’ over the legs which then requires a reset. Bring the thread under tension behind the legs as close as possible to their base then back through the middle to split them. A further turn of thread behind the legs then add a very small amount of dubbing and wrap under the shank of the hook to conceal the thread. Bring your thread up behind the legs and encircle ‘mast’ to complete with two individual half hitches.